What my clients say

From the owner of http://www.babeeze.co.za Lisa has been working for Babeeze.co.za for the past three years on a project and freelance basis. During this time Lisa has been extremely instrumental in the following capacity:

Copywriting / research: Lisa has done a lot of research and copywriting for the website. Both in the form of articles as well as running the Cape Town Blog. She has a very relaxed yet factual way of getting ideas and important topics across to our readers and therefore her style of writing has complimented the site immensly.

Editing: Lisa has asisted in the overall editing of the site on numerous occasions. Her eye and attention for detail is extraordinary and on many occassions has come up with excellent marketing strategies that we have been able to put into place and use to further market the site.

Marketing / client liaison: Not only does Lisa have strong literary skills, she is also excellent at promoting her ideas to potential advertisers, researchers and service providers. Lisa has been instrumental in securing one of Babeeze biggest partners – Mediclinic Baby as well as other advertisers. Overall – It is always an absolute pleasure working with Lisa. She is hard working, dedicated and passionate about each and every task that she is given. Again her attention to detail is outstanding. She has a lovely relaxed writing ability that captures one in each and every article that she writes. Combined with her natural marketing ability, Lisa is dynamic and always able to capture the heart of any story. A true asset to any company.

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