Training Manuals

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RASPAP – Resource Africa Supporting People and Parks

Content Management, Project Management, Copywriting and Editing.

We created a training manual and toolkit for communities living on the borders of Protected Areas. The purpose of the toolkit was to train community members on alternative livelihoods and using the natural resources to their advantage in conjunction with the park management.

In terms of content there were complex concepts to get across including legal issues amongst others. We tackled this problem by using diagrams, tables and easy to use navigation. The response to the training has been overwhelming.

Local Enterprise Authority (LEA), Botswana

We were tasked with creating a handbook of services for LEA. The purpose of the toolkit was to guide staff members in helping their clients understand the in’s and out’s of opening a small business. LEA staff are the front line people for clients who want to start their own business. What they were struggling with was all the intricacies involved with starting and running a small business successfully.

The toolkit takes the staff through a complete A to Z of starting and running a business including start-up finance, financial reporting, sales, marketing, export and growing a business to name a few.

To help staff navigate their way around the handbook, we created an easy to use navigation system as well as the use of icons to help them get key points like important information, activities amongst others.

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