Direct Marketing – Segmentation and Targeting

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BSkyB Segmentation Strategy

A massive magazine circulating to 8 million households in the UK cannot appeal to all 8 million consumers – there was a need to make the content of our magazines engage and resonate with our massive audience.

A 12 month long investigation into the right segmentation strategy was conducted through research, data mining, data analysis amongst many other things. The final word was we needed to segment the magazine by the package type that the customer had chosen. So for example a customer could have the top package, which meant that they had all the entertainment, movies and sports channels…they would then receive three different magazines – that is segmentation and targeting at it’s best.

It was a massive financial investment from BSkyB, but delighted customers and open and read rates on the magazines improved.

BT Broadband Targeting Strategy

A highly segmented and targeted direct mail campaign which was based on interests. This was when BT Broadband was relatively new, and people didn’t really understand why broadband was so much better. We created five different mailing pieces based on interests and the copy and creative was targeted to the interests. So what can BT Broadband do for you?

Education – fast research, videos

Travel – fast tours of hotels and destinations

Sport – download sports matches quickly and easily

Movies – download movies quickly and easily

Music – download music quickly and easily.

Each piece explained the benefits in an easy, non-technical way so that people were able to relate and understand.


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